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Double Pane Windows Save Toronto Homeowners Money and Energy

Toronto Homeowners Can Save Money and Energy with Double Pane Windows 

Many homeowners strive to find ways to save on the cost of their monthly energy bills. The installation of new windows can help make your home a more energy efficient and comfortable living space. When it comes to window replacement, replacing single pane windows with double pane windows provides Toronto homeowners with the greatest potential for energy savings. Whether building a new home or renovating your existing one, homeowners will want to consider the type of window and windowpane that they would like to install. Windows can play a big role in the overall aesthetic and performance of your home, as they help regulate temperature, light and protect your home from drafts, insects and outside noise.

Single vs. Double Pane Windows


In many older homes, no matter the window type, a single pane of glass was used to separate the interior and exterior of the home. Today, double-paned windows are quickly becoming the standard as homeowners seek to make their homes more sustainable and energy efficient. A double pane or triple pane window represents multiple panes of glass separated by an air or other gas filled space, which serves to reduce the transmission of heat and noise.


Quality Installation


One of the biggest causes of energy inefficiencies in the home is air leaks. While holes in your roof might be more noticeable, failed seals around doors and windows can begin to add up on your monthly energy bills. These failed seals cause more air changes in your home, forcing your heating and cooling system to work harder throughout the year. Failed seals, improperly spaced glass and poorly manufactured windows can negate energy savings, cause condensation or even cause your window to fail.


Benefits of Double Pane Windows

1. Energy Saving Costs


Most homeowners choose double pane windows for their cost saving benefits. The air in between the two panes of glass helps to insulate the home and ensure that it is properly protected from the outside world. The additional savings on energy bills in the home can help the windows pay for themselves over the long run, so its not hard to see why homeowners feel comfortable paying for the extra pane of glass.

2. Noise Reduction

Double pane windows also provide added protection against outside noise. The space between the glass helps to reduce the transmission of noise and makes your house a quiet, private home. Double pane windows are also suited for acoustically treated spaces such as home theatres or the control room of a recording studio.

3. Insulate Your Home

The primary functionality of a good window is to separate the interior and exterior of your home. Double pane windows provide added protection against drafts, changes in temperature and the loss of air. When choosing a new window, compare a window’s ratings – U-Factor, shgcSHGC and its visible transmission. This will help determine which window is right for your home.


Double pane windows have become a popular choice in Toronto, where homeowners enjoy the added protection against inclement weather, city noise and the rising price of energy bills. Save money on your bills by installing double pane windows in your home today. Trust Windows will provide a one-stop-shop solution to your windows needs. Trust Windows specialize in taking you from start to finish, providing in home estimates, manufacturing of the windows and full installation.

Double Pane Window Installation Toronto

Double Pane Window Installation Toronto
Ready to learn more about the energy saving costs, noise reduction and home insulation benefits of having double pane windows installed in your home? 
Contact the window installation experts at Trust Windows today to learn more about the installation options available in your area.
Our team of specialists will make sure to take your window design ideas into consideration when we sit down with you and map out the installation process. 
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